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August 2, 2008
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It wasn’t until later that night when the creatures of the night, owls and other normal animals came out, and Edward had disappeared into the next room. He had me slip into something sensual. What was he planning to do? Was this sort of thing really necessary for turning me into a vampire? I looked down at the nightie that Alice had given me as a wedding present; it was a little see-through and was a pale pink and a bit frilly in some places. I sat there patiently on the bed, waiting for him to come back into the bedroom. I looked out the window onto the moonlit lake, the water was as smooth as glass and I could see the faint silhouettes of ducks going across, creating small ripples.

I heard the door creak and whipped my head around to find Edward standing in the doorway, his beautiful marble chest fully exposed, with a pair of black jeans on with the fly undone slightly. He leaned against the doorframe with one hand, a smile gracing his lips. My breath was taken away as I continued to stare at this vision of perfection before me. I snapped back to normal as he approached me, pushing me back down onto the bed, and gently laying on top of me.

“I thought I’d do something else, before changing you.” He said so seductively.

“And what might that be?” I enquired.

“Well, I remember you saying that you wanted this…” he gently slid his cold hand under the nightie, touching my soft sensitive skin there, making me arch my back a little and squirm. His fingertips ran along my side to softly cup my breast; his intimacy was surprising, especially since he had flinched away the first time.

“Yes, I did… and I still do… a little…”

“Only a little?” he gave a light squeeze and pressed his lips to mine, cupping my face in his other hand, I couldn’t take it though, I ended up losing consciousness from this contact, it was all too sensual. I was in disbelief. How he could love me, and be so sensual right now I would have loved to know.

When I woke up a little while later the moonlight was shining into the bedroom and the candles were still aglow, burning bright and golden. I looked to my right to see that Edward was laying there beside me, he’d been watching me sleep again.

“Is everything alright now Bella?” he asked in that velvet voice of his.

“Yes.” I replied quickly. I gave him a smile and gave him a kiss in return since I had passed out earlier.

“Do you want me to start the transformation?” he asked me. The fact that he was going to do it, and that it was now almost frightened me. But it was what I wanted most. I nodded my head and he sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He patted the spot beside him for me to move and sit there. He pushed my hair back to the other side of my neck; I held it tightly so that it would not move. I felt his cool breath on the skin, and then his tongue lightly licking it. I let out a soft sigh at the feeling, it was so alien to me but pleasurable at the same time. I felt two sharp fangs graze the spot then, gently, almost as if they were afraid to go through.


“Bella… if I hurt you, I wouldn’t blame you if you never forgave me.” he said this almost sadly.

“There’d be nothing to forgive…” I had more confidence than I expected. It was so unusual.

He gave a soft sigh on my neck and slowly and carefully sank his teeth into my neck. I flinched at the feeling, a sharp pain shooting through my body. My body tensed as his fangs dug a little bit deeper, but then I felt as though something were pouring into me. But what was it? I felt so strange and queasy, I felt like I was going to pass out again. But I had to stop Edward before he took too much blood, I knew of his thirst for it as he had found the smell of it irresistible.

I struggled to push him off of my neck before he took too much. I pushed at his own instead of his chest, he pulled away to allow some of my blood to slide down my neck to my chest. I took a cloth from the nearby dresser and put it over it to stop the bleeding. But the moment I did that I made a scratchy hiss, as more pain shot through me. I crumpled to the floor, my head hitting the wooden floor with a hard thud. I felt Edward’s arms wrap around me as he carried me to the bed and set me down on the soft mattress. He held me close to his body, he knew that I wouldn’t hurt him even if I tried, I might be able to in a few days. The days that I had been longing for since I knew that he loved me.
Going into :iconthetwilightclub:

I know I don't normally post writing in here anymore, but this story is a special circumstance.

Okay, yeah. Breaking Dawn, book 4 of the Twilight series came out August 2nd and I so have to read it! And this is part 3 of a fanfic I started almost a year ago.

This is really for all the people who wanted me to write part 3, and it took almost as long to write, fix, proofread, and refix as part 2. So to all you people, I hope you're happy with it. I know I am, and I will write a fourth part if you want me to. But I need it to be in high enough demand for me to write it just so you know.

Also, I'm thankful to the people who wanted me to write this, because I've never written this kind of scene before, so it was a learning experience for me.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]

Thank you for all the views, faves, and comments for my little story, I wasn't expecting it to be that popular. A thousand thank yous to everyone *bows*

Twilight series, Bella, Edward (C) Stephenie Meyer
Honeymoon Idea (C) ~Midnight-Dark-Angel
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